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 Go to this.day the silkworm become completion already greater half, leave of be turn Die but.he then can be heavy to get freshman.Own difficult to know strength.
  These circumstance, new moon's wait for someone all don't know.The only eight treasures for know what happened.also is not at everyone at the moment body side.Hence no man arrestment?This give for a day, the rebirth manufacturing of the silkworm old Zu an extremely good of condition.
  The difference in the field change.(day the silkworm change)Attraction publicCheap Ugg Boots  view.cause the vision of owner all target in the jade deer pretty cow?Neglected a graveness a detection thus.
  Originally, at day the Zu with old silkworm display for a day, the silkworm change moment, suspend in the peony after death of day the Lin once appeared one silk small variety.At that time.day the Zu with old silkworm sent out a geezer breathing.It is changing to do preparation for the silkworm in day.
  Present and public who also don't understand inside and difficult to understand.Can dying of day Lin but when that breathing touch arrive his body, performance one silk the very badge be weak of reaction.
  At that time, day the meat body of the Lin be intact to have no Sun. can not tell what abnormality, but day the dollar of the thick soup absolute being have been broken up.he again how ability have reaction?
  Speak of this.In fact brain area within Lin brain with day dollar the bead is relevant.
  From get into for a day, the brain of the Lin beginning.brain area dollar bead time operation, have never had a moment to let up.until the day Lin die. that brain area dollar bead still ego circulate, but isn't know by outsider.
  Now.day the day silkworm of the Zu with old silkworm changed to cause a brain area a dollar bead of reaction, caused a brain area a dollar bead to conceal to deep of secret.quietly sucked away a day silkworm old Zu in later on of time Xin, a Chinese family name pain bitterness the Lian turn of big part light dizzy.cause for a day, the silkworm old Zu at heart query. but don't understand it because of.
  After, day silkworm old Zu fusion, knot cocoon of process.The new moon wait for someone although have no feel. day brain area within Lin brain dollar bead penny not bad of record come down.combine by oneself in the brain area line luck.
  This process is very mysterious. and become with the day silkworm of day Zu with old silkworm synchronous.In addition to look for good luck have to feel, who also never detection.
  Time.have no voice to walk far, that very day silkworm the old cocoon turn by Zu appear at tiny vibrate moment.the new moon wait for someone immediately height vigilance.continuously stare at the district of antler place.
  There.A great deal of silvery ray of light has been already disappear. only leave a small regiment ray of light to become a light boundary.inside is a snow-white cocoon.
  See this kind of circumstance.Work properly light one Shan in the new moon brain.remind a way:"Everyone caution, the day Zu with old silkworm will soon re-appear.Lin2 Yi Xue3 loudly way:"Being not is to be like this day before yesterday silkworm rebirth so?'
  The new moon Han is the first:"The circumstance should be about.
  Peony misgiving way:"Real strenght after remembering at that time day silkworm rebirth doubly.If the day Zu with old silkworm also appear a same circumstance.only afraid we be difficult to escape to rob difficult.
  Rose way:"Start first for strong, why do we want to give him the opportunity?.
  The dance Die agree with a way:"This suggestion is very good, day silkworm the old Zu be afraid fire.we can to this weakness launch pre-eminent attack.New moon not speech.She also agree with very. but thoughted of to look for the words of good luck.At that time doesn't know how to do.
  The peony detection arrive new moon of different.ask a way:"New moon.What's the matter with you?.Slowly shake head.New moon answer way:Duan what.this matter hand over to me.Move the body close to. the new moon hand raise absolute being sword. the wrist turn to move.Remnants the feeling sword explosion teach 100 up to thousand red red sword long grasses. each other hand over to match layer after layer and coagulate a blood-red of light the pillar keep shoot for nine days.
  Concentrate quiet spirit, new moon Xu power full.After waiting for a short moment.disappear to look for good luck to send out any information.This just a sword flick to fall and urge to move a day unique cut a method, ruthlessly split at that cocoon on.
  Cha, the sword light be one Shan.The cocoon break open. the lighting of a green roars fly.Is a long butterfly wing. body green light flicker of eccentric.
  Careful see, this person facial expression and day Zu with old silkworm look exactly alike. just slightly young.make person rather feeling accident.
  A sword flick to fall, bellow repeatedly, jade deer pretty cow drive new moon a sword chopped in two the antler of top of head.Right away the body suffer from severely wounded.
  River pure snow see this circumstance.Sign the horse launch strong offend.take a jade deer pretty at the moment that cow frighten.A sword sweep to connect to break four legs. and then multiply by hot dozen iron.A short moment jade deer pretty the cow cut in under the sword.
  One shot successful, the new moon attend to power to keep up with, the absolute being sword in hand sweep thousand soldiers, and the silkworm old Zu which block a waist toward the day cut.
  Looking at to offend of one sword.day the silkworm is old Zu facial expression haze.is not a new moon the power of this sword, but for the query of oneself real strenght.
  Original, in the impression of the silkworm in day old Zu, oneself through day the silkworm change but heavy get freshman after, fix for at least should strengthen 100%.Can now, the day Zu with old silkworm measured once, detection oneself fix at this time for basic before becoming with silkworm consistent.very still slightly a little bit weak.
  Investigate its reason, the day Zu with old silkworm be not understand either. unique of guess be an own rebirth of time be not enough full, drive new moon a sword slice open cocoon, be subjected to influence.
  Thought of here.day silkworm old Zu angry not already.the Shan body avert from new moon of attack.Nu track:"Hateful.I will not forgive you!.The new moon cold way:'We also not the plan pass you!.
  Words still in the ear, new moon suddenly one Shan but go to, display a day to fly fairy.bright sword long grass one Shan but die, winked and then cut through a day the chest of the Zu with old silkworm.The whole personal emergence is in his rear.
  Ao ……damned!Bellow a voice in.day the Zu body with old silkworm be one Zhan.All over the body the breathing moment die down. the body right away fall in.
  The new moon anti- hand flick sword. sword long grass Ling2 Tian.intensive of sword shadow built-up interleave.clip blazing sword spirit.cover with silkworm in day an old Zu body outside.Turn over a body but turn.The day Zu with old silkworm shrink together. the wing package of green body.simply from the new moon that sword long grass that cover with blunt go out.Arrive at 100 Zhangs outside.
  Stare with anger new moon, day silkworm the old Zu be with full intention unwilling. crazy roar a way:"Smelly wench, one day there will I want 10000 your ground corpse!.Throw down this sentence.day Zu with old silkworm one Shan but die, choice leave.
  The new moon obstructed. she know to stay not to stay for a day, the silkworm old Zu, so and why the need for the wave take a lot of time.River pure snow move a body to arrive at new moon. light tone way:"New moon.Good kind of.
  Looking at river pure snow, the new moon facial expression be gloomy, Zhang Kou3 vomit a blood. all over the body vehemence moment concealed go to, bitter and astringent way:"Elder sister, Gao Kan4, ."River pure snow facial expression a change.a hand the arm of new moon.part importation pure the sun be true spirit, part anxious way:"New moon.a little bit strong.you can't fall flop."Gloomy a smile.new moon light tone way:"The elder sister need not worry. I want ~only rest a short while good.Now.fight temporarily be over.everyone harm not light.We get to gather to put together.In order to prevent occurrence accident."River pure snow comfort a way:"Good rest.The Mo want to talk.This hand over to me to do."Move a body.river pure snow send back new moon peony to wait for someone the side of the body. then connect to return to precious jade light and roar day.
  Stretch hand to hand new moon, peony You You on sigh, very the way of regrets:"This night already past greater half.can we but the real strenght be big to reduce.The new moon air is cool, the way of equanimity:"Hold firmly each inch time.Reasonable allotment time.we will never ability failure.
  River pure snow positive color way:"What the new moon said very BE, we want to believe ourselves.Firmness conviction, will never the ability surround difficult frighten to pour.
  The sweet girlish voice way of Lin2 Yi Xue3:"This night we experience successively perilous.although paid biggest of price.can we exterminated not a few enemy. still vanquished a day Zu with old silkworm.This but highest honor.We should be proud of.As for tomorrow.probably still have more of difficulty.But for the sake of the Lin senior in day.We calculate to don't hesitate everything.Also want to make vigorous efforts to turn the tide.
  The tone of encourage make person mood amendment.make original be full of misgiving and uneasy of public immediately laid aside miscellaneous read aloud.performance Attic faith.
  For the sake of the safety of the Lin in day.public just just put together dead a war.in addition to the river is pure snow be safe and sound. peony condition of the injury more light outside.rest six Human body negative severely wounded.real strenght big reduce.
  In this kind of case.future two days and two nights.They return will face rigorous of test.The end can turn peril into safety. protection good day Lin.At the moment who also can not remember clearly.
  However aught, three day they have to finish walk, because of this relation to the Lin in day of whole life.Which afraid only have a ray of hope.they can't give up, either.
  Night, slowly farsighted, silent and poor.
  The new moon wait for someone to round outside the Lin body of the day, constitute a circle wreath, respectively luck achievement treatment.send forth a light ray of light.Seem to be particularly dazzling under the color of the night.
  The sky, the snowflake dance in the wind. the bise roll up. radiant white snow bring the badge the cool cold idea. seem is cover up.again is tell white.just who person understand?
  Previous, day the changes of the Zu with old silkworm caused day's Uggs Clearance    difference of the silkworm to change. although just flashy, but hide Xuan machine.Make the person hard understand.
  Now, the day Lin have no different, suspend the body which wait for someone in the new moon quietly side, he can once respond the desire in the public heart with expect?Probably, day Lin already the dead will not have already respond, also probably day Lin of still reserve a silk remnants to read aloud in the brain.
  Time slowly passage.the horizon be unclear to be suffused with white. cover with in the public mind of dark will soon past, new of a day arrival.At that time, the calamity of field ice will keep on proliferation, public of fight return will continuous postpone.
  Ignore is a Teng dragon valley.still new moon this place, Bo father one clan or 100 clan difference monster, will accept a predestination of arrangement, walk to up destine of satge.
  Who win who hurt.whole with a read aloud.the life and death melt into nothingness, just in the moment.
  Volume 6 over, please concern seven boundary legend empress spread seven predestination of good luck

  Seven the good luck chapter 1 spread seven predestination after the boundary legend black water Xuan area
  The green mountain is verdant, the green tree become a wood and rise and fall of the mountain landscape be beautiful and give person a kind of source of vitality full of life of felling.The sky, hot sun fire, ten thousand insides have no cloud, geniality of the spring breeze blow to kiss the earth and curl up built-up green wave, fill the air fragrance of flower of spirit.Stand on the Cang pine tree crest, kind Ci aweather but sign, the dress Shan which float a dance shout to make to ring and seem to be so of elegance.E west a side be quiet to sign, point at right ahead that Gao Ru4's cloudy regions, the smoke curl up of way in Tashan:"That be black water a clan generation dwell for rest of black water Ling, now is already an one dead Ji, is abandon by the heaven."
  Kind Ci not language, look at front, mood complications be matchless.Ever, he a wish and make clear oneself of life experience, want to look for to return to a the natural affection for have long time no see.Now then, be he make clear oneself of identity, return to the ground of that birth, he just suddenly detection, originally this not the affair expect by him.The E west doesn't know a kind Ci mood and see him silent not language, light tone way:"From here go to a black water Ling's demand all the way on foot, estimate at dusk cent then can attain in former days we life of black water lake."
  The kind Ci smell speech lay up heart in of miscellaneous read aloud, ask a way:"Why want to be on foot?"E west way:"The black water Ling is always mysterious, have unseen and natural natural cover from thou, have to bosom devout of heart on foot but up, otherwise will encounter punishment.Add it 20 year ago origin the clan be rob, innumerable the clansmen send out to curse before dead, cause this land abandon by the heaven and became a cake of curse of ground."
  Kind there is some emotional stirringses in the Ci and lightly sighed 1, immediately float however fall, cool way:"Leave, take the color of the sky it's yet early."The E west close on the heels of but bottom, took a look the sun of the sky, lightly way:"While ising exactly a Chen at the moment, if however smooth, afternoon You it beginning, we ability return to a home town."The kind Ci doesn't answer and move forward to set out.The E west come forward several step fore lead the way, two people then enter hair toward the black water Ling under the hot sun.
  Thick bush all over the place wild flower, the kind Ci wind around under the lead of E west but up, beginning hardships of itinerary.Because this mountain Huang have no path, E west and kind Ci and have to develop road by oneself, this consumedly defer front speed in the line, cause two people raise step Wei Jian.Face this kind of circumstance, the kind Ci milli- be inattentive, compare to sit idly to fix Lian, the weariness from overwork of this etc. physical strength be it may be said unworthy a lift.E west shape Gao Da4, crude and uncivilized heroism, the felling which thought of to go home immediately spirit a hundredfold, the slightest also not felling tired.
  All the way front line, two people not much the hour come right away black water Ling-chiao bottom, at present is a small river, flow to drip black of liquid.The kind Ci is some to apprehensive and inquire a way:"River water why utter darkness?"The E west explanation way:"River water is from black run off in the water lake, along black stone precipice all the way but bottom, fusion many dark object, become utter darkness thus."Kind Ci way:"In addition, the characteristics can still be different from?"
  E west way:"River water of the utter darkness allow of no creation, if the plant run into a meeting moment wither away, if the animal run into poisoned but dead."The kind Ci knit the brows a way:"There is no headwaters, you in former days is how existence?"E west way:"Black water lake of pure and transparent, sweet Yi absolute being, can as soon as the run off become utter darkness for the meeting, that is because of the black stone precipice to contain fatal of material."Understand inside and mysterious, kind Ci way:"Leave, continue to go forward."
  What about E west once the mouth smile, part more line before the river, part give repeated advice to a way:"Carefully keep in mind my foot, don't be stained with river water."The kind Ci isn't cool the language close on the heels of but line, along river opposite shore but go to.Very quick, the E west cross a small river and turn head to looking at kind Ci.But at this time, the faraway horizon suddenly spread a strange information, the moment flow out into the brain of kind Ci and cause his facial expression surprised change, body suddenly one Zhan, whole personal dejected dynasty river water decline.
  The E west see this facial expression a surprised, hurriedly once the right hand flick and send out a sturdy vacuum force, a soar to the skies the body of kind Ci to pull a body side.Then, the kind Ci still keep being placed in dejected appearance, handsome face top the facial expression painfully sad, complete forgot a matter outside the body.E west accident but again worry anxiously, the arm which hold tight kind Ci cross-examine a way:"Kind Ci, you how, don't you want to frighten me?"Not speech not language, kind Ci just like don't feel, until after E west connect to ask three times, the eye pupil of kind Ci just moved once, face of worried of color more deep.
  See the kind Ci has reaction and the E west just a little have peace of mind and ask a way:"You how, why just suddenly dejected?"The kind Ci looking at E west, the way of facial expression vicissitudes of life:"The day Lin had an accident."The E west is one Leng, startled way:"Did the day Lin have an accident?You how can anyone know of?"The kind Ci is a face of grievous, the You You sigh a way:" At just that a moment, I be clear to respond for a day, the Lin spread of say good-bye breathing."
  E west Leng comfort a way all of a sudden:"Don't entertain foolish ideas, the distance field ice be separated few a long distances here, I see you be to remember fondly into a disease, at that time mind absentminded but with the result that.The day Lin is in the field ice popularity best and in no case would occurrence the affair of the accident."The kind Ci is bitter and astringent to shake head, the way of tone affirmation:"I have a mind with day Lin to respond, if he occupy I be inevitable to understand, in no case will get mistake.At present, day Lin of there is some Huis in the circumstance dark not clear, the moment dissipation of his breathing, but again the concealed hour make now I not understand he actually situation what affair."
  The E west advise a Wei way:"We are separated at the moment very far, day Lin even if and what is up, field ice three partieses will also appear publicly to solve and you need not worry too much.After stay the affair here conclude, I again accompany you to return to field ice, call on a day Lin."The kind Ci is with full intention worried, want to rush through back very much right away, can thought of on the tip of and black water Ling, in the heart again very hesitant.Long long on sigh, the kind Ci lay aside vexed disorderly of mood, the way of You You:"Leave, the predestination still wait for us."
  The E west took a look kind Ci, saw his instauration equanimity, right away two words don't say, get kind Ci to continue the dynasty black water before the Ling line.Henceforth, two people don't again occurrence what affair, until afternoon Shen Shi2 Mo4, two people arrive at a black water Ling summit of hill moment, a figure of Gui Mi caused kind Ci of attention.At that time, the E west have no to feel, point at just thinking openings moment of a cave of utter darkness outside the few Zhangs in the front, kind Ci suddenly a hold tight his arm, signal hint him not to want a speech.
  The E west is some to don't understand, but vigilance of detection arrive have a circumstance, at that moment twist a head four attend to, the end vision stay around a cave, loudly drink a way:"What person, come out."The kind Ci looking at a cave entrance, detection this cave which Be located on black water Ling summit of hill being very unusual, the diameter be about 6 Chinese foots and often have black fog overflow, inner part utter darkness have no voice, but after probing in to discover, front three Zhangs in the line after, comply with the surrounding perpendicular but bottom, it deep don't know how many.
  BE an inside cave at the moment jet black the figure become bright, blacker than black fog, ability absorb the Na whole ray, include vision at inside.When the kind Ci stare at that figure, he will feel eyes very tired and seem to to have a certain strength is consume oneself of sight, let him dare not to excessively stare at.This kind of situation is very uncanny, there is unspeakable motion in the kind Ci heart, seem to that dark shadow specialized aim at oneself since then, can again take several cent can not guess of mysterious.
  See have no reaction inside hole, the E west be some angry, right away exaltation voice, cold hum a way:"Don't come out again, rest to blame me heartless."The kind Ci smell speech tiny to knit the brows, waved hand to block E west, part take a stroll dynasty the cave walk to, part light tone ask a way:"You since is blunt I since then, why not a little bit more direct?"Seemed to hear the words of kind Ci, spread a voice with cold Yin at this time in the hole."You and I, destine to meet here."
  The E west apprehensive a way:"Who are you ?"Dark shadow in hole not language, seem to despise answer E west of problem.The kind Ci stop body few Chinese foots outside the hole, looking at the figure that that utter darkness be recognized with difficulty and sink a track:"What destine?"Dark shadow way:"What to succeed in escaping is a predestination and escape not what to take off to destine."The kind Ci is light to hum a way:"So say come, you would be like shadow similar has been worry me?"Dark shadow way:"Just beginning you probably will reject, but later you from meeting orientation."
  The way that the kind Ci disagree:"Do you think so?"The dark shadow Gui say with smile:"Predestination origin such."Kind Ci way:"I if dissimilarity idea?"Dark shadow way:"The predestination isn't at you in the day."Kind Ci coolly way:"Wrong, as long as I put out you, the all these will not become a predestination."Talk, the kind Ci ejaculate and rush toward inside hole as the lightning flash dynasty.Short short distance one Shan but go to, the activity of kind Ci be very fast, but fail by a small margin and this make him very disappointed.
  Dark medium, the dark shadow be quietly far go to, leave the Yin cold laughter and stream into the ear of kind Ci."The predestination destine, can't because of you of resist but change, you had better agreeable day but line, the Mo want to bite a file hard to tackle."The kind Ci is upset and answer criticism a way:"The affair that I don't like, the heaven also don't think that strong add my body."The E west come forward to comfort a way:"Calculate, needless angry, we still stay a dessert to think consideration once, this dark shadow exactly is background."
  Kind Ci tiny Han head ponder a way:"The breathing of the dark shadow is very uncanny, have have no attribute dark but not improbity, this is to most let me feel accident of affair."The E west knit the brows to ponder and hesitate a way:"This is definite very peculiar, I also can not remember clearly.Calculated, anyway say according to the words of dark shadow, sooner or later returning will meet, we be not worthwhile for this matter but big and nerve-racking.Leave, the forerunner go into black water lake."Shan body but go into, the E west be blunt to the kind Ci in front and take him dynasty hole inside fall.
  Heel in the E west after death, the kind Ci keep in mind the action of cave, detection this cave being not only very deep, and still very black, almost see not to take up a post what bright.All the way nasty fall to, kind Ci about calculation once distance, have already crashed down 500 Zhangs at this time, still have no exactly.Under, E west very is equanimity, keep freedom sink into of speed, at again lead a short moment after, just openings way:"Carefully decelerate, shall arrive soon."
  Kind Ci should 1, in the mind inwardly calculation, this cave unexpectedly have about 2,000 Zhangs deep.Lay up miscellaneous read aloud, kind Ci decelerate slow line, under the guide line that E west, along flection of the tunnel comply with the surrounding to turn to the left, very quick see front appear bright.Careful keep in mind, the kind Ci detection this export with entrance and very likeness, in the center process two turn, with as for the ray be hard thorough, could not respond thus in the process of crash down the slightest bright.
  Entrance to cave, the kind Ci be been surprised by the at present landscape, E west a face of silent, seem to be is think of in former days that is unforgettable everything.Once was black water here is 1, have ancient civilization.Now then, here one dead Ji, in addition to decrepit home, leave endless old grudge for.Thought of these, E west crude and uncivilized face top full is a deep in sorrow feeling, twist a looking at kind Ci, show unintentionally to slice in the look in the eyes of regretful.
  Kind Ci have no to feel, looking at of Leng Leng at present of landscape, the thoughts and feelings sank into dead silent.This is a marvellous ground, belong to the underground natural cave, cover very it wide, central is a green jade wave pure lake, had 2/3 of the area.On all sides, the green tree become Yin, flower and grass such as green jade, very thick fragrance of flower Qin public window, mix up with some simple and crude wood house, constitute one be quite but again peaceful of painting, give person a kind of utopia of felling.
  In the meantime, this place ray be bright, although could not see sunlight, but day and night clear, just the source of ray be some mysterious, kind Ci mostly a great deal of once, have never found out reason.In addition there is also an islet in the center of lake, the top have an opposite gorgeous of 3 F palace, keep very integrity.At palace door on, the kind Ci saw "black water saint palace" four big word, unclear be suffused with jet black sheen.
  The E west keep in mind the facial expression of kind Ci, see his eye pupil tiny to move, not from light sigh a way:"Saint palace's ising black water is one symbol of clan power, in addition to fiesta day, marriage, pray, black quatic animals person general don't need to be close to.And, the saint palace is a saint the female live ground, saint female is responsible to sweep the saint palace respect saint palace by showing clansmen."The kind Ci smell speech one earthquake, stare continuously ground to looking at black water saint a palace and the You You ask a way:"Does my Niang at the beginning live here?"
  The E west's facial expression is grievous and nod a way:"Your Niang is from 13 annual revenue incomes after choosing saint a female then has been gather here.Until 18 years old hold to marry for a day, rites, in front and back and totally lived five years here."Kind the Ci facial expression be worried and the light toneUgg Sale        ask a way:"My ability go in to have a look Niang for that year life of environment?"E west point head way:"Can, but before get into, you have to understanding some other affair."
  The kind Ci twist a head to looking at E west and ask a way:"What affair?"The E west saw whole everything, bitter and astringent way:"Relevant here of everything, from the origins arrive demolish."The kind Ci smell once the speech smile and take bitter and astringent, from the language way:"Past affair why the need for and much lift?"E west way:"Ignore past experience how much matter, this predestination that finally is you, you have to understanding."Kind Ci vicissitudes of life on smile, the tiny Han be the first:"You can say that again, belong to my predestination and I shouldn't evade.Say, I should know what affair?"The E west take a stroll an ex- line and Be walk and say:"I take you first o

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y on the back top of is that a little bit red?That be the dead cave of armor ant, as long as shoot this cave, armor ant necessarily inside the Fu serious wound but Wu."Two elders see an iron big cow such distress, cannot help but remind him.Shoot that small a little bit red, boon, there is difficulty, however total ratio put together dead dint good.The big cow side of the iron walk the side deliberate.

    An armor ant climb toward gold Cape." Get good."Gold Cape excitement get shout loudly, a tail took out past.Dong, that armor ant be flown five Zhangs by the shot, fall down on the ground and at that time can not get up from lying position.See other people all top, Lin2 Nan2 also not resigned to playing second fiddle, blunt go up, hold tight a hind legs of armor ant all of a sudden, soared to the skies to raise it to get up.Zi Zi, imitate the Fo loadstone magnet sort, the world blood Ugg Boots Clearance  rob big true dint madly absorb armor ant of Jing blood, in a short while time, that armor ant become the soft and once the breeze blow and unexpectedly became to cover with powder.The world blood rob big true dint such violent, really make Lin2 Nan2 much shocked, no wonder that fix true the person of boundary fear it to it like wolf tiger.

    "This is what achievement method, Ren ground terror!"Two elders are long to take a suck at cool spirit, not from ground remind of a time begin in the Huan wood forest and Lin2 Nan2 of scene, that, Lin2 Nan2 is to shine on to break them with this of draw up a thing to turn a form.

    But the iron big cow, but is make track for by an armor ant have no place can escape."His Niang of, an animal also humiliate An."The iron big cow fire emit three Zhangs and the scorching fury unexpectedly integrate blood and change into an in fine threads true dollar."Qing day one shot!"The Dou big golden light the tides sort roar and shout but.The Long is 1, that armor ant be unexpectedly fry fall apart."Ha ha, the surprisingly An be so severe."The iron big cow roared with laughter ground to see a fist, true dare not believe that power matchless one punch incredibly is oneself dozen.But the ant bite dead elephant more, around ten thousand armor ant a flow out but up, 1 get 1 and spread the whole ground all full, make four people fluster, too busy to make proper response.Dozen near half of two-hour period, four people a monster just go forward three meters, the corpse poured 1 ground on the ground, armor ant only afraid dead not next thousand, but compare with with ten million, also not arrive an odd change.Person after all is weaken of Qu but is not iron dozen of gold just, even if you true dollar again deep, also always have a bottom.Half of two-hour period come down, the absolute being tree elder and flashing elder pant noisily, sweat such as rain bottom, the clothes imitate Fo to get out from Shui-li of, true dollar is also succeed tired.The iron big cow also not lead, purple body of gold gold obscure have no light, the in fine threads crack as if have explosion at any time of possibility.The gold Cape is also tired enough spicy, a purple tail all took out hemp, sour and swollen, the ache be unbearable.As for Lin2 Nan2, several people in he is most easy of, the world blood rob big true dint indeed as expected the power be matchless, each meet with an armor ant, that Gu Gu Jing blood namely was absorb by Lin2 Nan2, past although put together Dou near half of two-hour period, Lin2 Nan2 be vigorous.

    "I say Lin2 Nan2, if this continues isn't a way, our true dollar can not line, the beard think a way just good, otherwise we can all get the explaination is here."The absolute being tree elder face top sorrow cloud spread densely, again have no formerly of calmly.

    "Our station become a line, I open a new road, you three people by turn break behind."Lin2 Nan2 without extra trouble clap a ground like this does the head of the armor ant say.Several people favour station become a line, after absolute being tree elder break, gold Cape incredibly crowded at most in the center, can true would lazy.Shua, Lin2 Nan2 hold tight the hind legs of one armor ant and the Lun get up and then go toward on all sides to hit.Bang bang bang, block the armor ant of road to be hit the east pour west slanting, by dint of this huge meat shield, several people kill a blood road quick front line.Zhi Zhi, an urgent of the interjection spread, the flurried rmor ant be quick to become tidy.Three per set, three per set, blunt before take turns, rest of steady retreat."Yi!Good the elephant be not in the right."Absolute being tree the elder be experienced, the favour remind public.However this three a set armor ant return true difficult deal with.The Lin2 Nan2 a head of flicked an armor ant past, dissimilarity former, the armor ant retreated, on the contrary front blunt, one be sweet to be meat shield, held up brandish of Lin2 Nan2, another two  take advantage of an opportunity to climb up.Pa Pa, Lin2 Nan2 soar to the skies two kick, that two armor ant be kicked somersault."Blare-" Lin2 Nan2 Chang2 absorb a people cool spirit and embrace feet Zi a tooth Chi:The hull of this armor ant return true is not general of hard!But the absolute being tree elder after break have a little in distress, three ant be each to have division of labour, 1 spray an ant iron sour, a hair the breeze fasten magic trick air wave, another simply take body as weapon, made threatening gestures ground to rush toward to come up.Crack-, luckily the flashing elder pull quick, otherwise absolute being tree only afraid be the elder there and then clip by the big E of armor ant for the bisection.

    "A few ant is also unrestrained!"Several people dash up.Pa several Pa ring, that more than ten armor ant entirely the shot die.Reveal in the public in front of is the vacant land of 100 Zhang breadths, empress the vacant land armor ant row tidy of phalanx, dense one, endless endless.Four people's a heart is immediately cool half."Quick blunt past, they will spray an ant iron sour."The absolute being tree elder worriedly yell and take the lead blunt past."Blunt!"Iron big cow hair 1 yell and seem to at for oneself encourage.Early know an ant iron sour have no medicine can solution, in the iron big cow heart hair Shu, he usually and most afraid this kind of ghost trifle.Several people skulk, very quick left an armor ant to only have three Zhangs.See an ant iron sour and invalid, the ants are stop jet the ant iron be sour.Dong Dong, the ants imitate Fo a soldier a sort row tidy of the phalanx climbed to come up.Zi Zi, an each armor ant carry on the back top of a little bit red send out dazzling red light.The red light string become one, formation one Zhang Hong2 Wang3.The black light maneuver on the net, shout and that up to thousand armor ants unexpectedly change into one huge iron wall and the long gun stand up like a forest(long the gun is turn by the big E of the armor ant) on the iron wall and slowly pushed to come over.

    "Iron wall phalanx?"The absolute being tree elder and the eyes drum drum of the flashing elder of, feel like turn over the dead fish of white."Iron wall phalanx already lost several years, connect our Huan absolute being clansmen all can't, armor ant again how can row?"Two elders rub eyes, think is oneself of illusion, but fact quite so.Sou Sou, the ten million long gun flew to come out and hide a day to cover a day.", A lot of long gun."Iron big cow one punch the shot is to that long gun of his in front.


    "Quick avoid being seen!"

    Two elders shout a way in the meantime.Touch, the golden light met with a long gun.Crack-, imitate the voice that the Fo cloth tear to pieces to ring, red light drive silk of smash, long the gun drive straight and with one action shot to wear the arm of the iron big cow.Shua, the blood imitated Fo fountain a sort to flow out to come out, "Ao-" iron big cow painfully called Hao.The purple gold gold body ray of light is sudden rise, a wrath vehemence was fiercely fierce to intrude into the blood vessels of the iron big cow, inside body of true dollar as the tides is dashing."Go to dead!"The iron big cow Qing dint tee off an one punch, the true dollar of as thick as ten Zhang the sword be general to rush at iron wall phalanx.

Text concerning join announce of VIP

    Small finally joined VIP, probably someone will scold small money-mad, but don't be nasty, please finish see this announce to say again.

    Small is personage in Hunan, was born in one strange and poor far mountain village, the parents was the honesty Ba Jiao's farmer, know sunrise but make, sunset but interest, past in home life very the embarrassed trap.The before last year, the year lead thou the sparse grandmother finally finished walk she life of process, even if bury again economical, also flower go to 2,000 dollars;But last year my father encountered a traffic accident again, light the surgical operation expenses be an astronomical figure, this to destitute house of we to say no less than at a bolt from the blue.As for mother of stomach trouble and kidney stone calculus, because of have no money can cure, the mother have to confusedly take some Chinese herbal medicine, oneself see it can not help tearful shed tears.The sheep contain boon of kneel the milk, the crow have been already returned to feed of virtuous, monster as if this, person already may!Read each time and parents low three times four behaviors do a part-time job of scene, if my heart the knife wring, hence in many ways rush about, hope to seek some the shoulder that the matter share parents

    Yes, if this thin thin income can bring parents delighted smiling face, that I be contented.

The text chapter 46 thousand annuity wings centipede

    The iron wall phalanx ray of light is one Shan and a burst of and black fog obscurely flowed out to come out.Gu Gu, imitate Fo pebble to drop into the voice of river inside, aureate true dollar a while disappear.

    "Big cow have no matter."Lin2 Nan2 Gan3 come over to ask.Absolute being tree the elder be flurried live the blood of the iron big cow, once the hands match, "living a muscle to curse!"The wound of the iron big cow top white light Shan now, in a short while time, that still good, connect a scar formation all have no."Ha ha, luckily have no poison, have no matter."Absolute being tree elder roar with laughter ground to say, a heart put down.

    "Absolute being tree elder, how to break this iron wall phalanx?"Lin2 Nan2 Xin in have no bottom, after all he once rob with the world blood big true the dint sounded out bottom, result the world blood rob big true the end and the iron big cow of dint of true dollar the end be similar.

    "For strategies I how not understanding, this iron wall phalanx it is said hardest break, can use a true dollar earthquake to spread phalanx, can top thousand armor ant which have so easy drive earthquake spread."The absolute being tree elder appear to be reluctant t.

    "I to try."Lin2 Nan2 Chang2 take a suck at spirit, the whole body true dollar flow out to move, Zi Zi, black and white two Tao Kuang cages lived him, in a short while, the ray of light put Lian and Lin2 Nan2 unexpectedly become the giant armor ant of one as long as ten Zhang.?Three people foot a soft, unexpectedly kneel to pour in the ground.Dong Dong, giant armor ant a burst of and nasty tornado be blunt past.Long Long, real estate all earthquake keep shiver.Shout, a thing flew to come over, the iron big cow hurriedly one Shan, the absolute being tree elder stretch hand on grasp, "BE Lin2 Nan2!"Indeed as expected is Lin2 Nan2, but see his clothes broken up, the face be like gold paper and see to get hurt not light.

    Bang bang bang, that iron wall phalanx there and then explosion, the armor ant explode to die in succession.Shua, a black fog floated to come over."The quick Shan is to bite soul fog!"The absolute being tree elder embrace Lin2 Nan2 right on the spot one Shan.The iron big cow dared not to show off hero any further, hurriedly one Shan.Need black fog on lead, front of many armor ant again row become 15 Cape star polygon.

    "Huan star five Capes leave a soul!Save me, all-powerful tree absolute being!"The absolute being tree elder hand a loose, Dong, Lin2 Nan2 Diao4 is on the ground."Alas!!"Lin2 Nan2 Pa2 get up, vomit blood clot.

    "Say what is a Huan star five Capes leave a soul good?"The tone of the iron big cow is seldom tactful.

    "Huan star five Capes leave a soul, ancient absolute being, the Qiu apotheosis be evil, the power break a day, don't say fairy, was an absolute being to come, is also rob difficult escape."Two elder tooth dozen Cold War, cringe like 14-year-old child, which is the elder that the poise be lightly subjected to a person respect.Dong, imitate Fo a wood to fall on the ground of voice, the iron big cow unexpectedly such  Ugg Sale  as a wood sort keep pretty stand faint."Even the absolute being also escape however, too exaggeration."Lin2 Nan2 the facial expression be flurried, is also vacant to frighten into inaction.

    "Ha ha, exultation, exultation.That armor ant is after all an animal, Huan star five Capes leave a soul not only a row not an integrity, return order disorder, ha ha."Absolute being tree elder ha ha cachinnation, fan eyes, whole personal happy a brilliant of chrysanthemum.

    "Huan star although it is said five Capes leave a soul not an integrity, can everyone also must be careful to care.Feed, the iron big cow, quick, broke this Huan star five Capes to leave a soul us hurry up to find out an ant king, with one action the shot kill, so then can rush out ants."The flashing elder boxing boxing reiteration.

    Shua, Huan star five Capes leaving a soul ray of light be one Shan, Sou Sou, the innumerable multicolored ray the raindrop sort be rapid to fly."BE a Huan star arrows!"Two elders yell in the meantime, " is quick to avoid being seen!"

    Four people quickly move out of the way.The Huan star arrows shot empty, turned curved, flew to come over toward four people again.The iron big cow heart is like fire Liao, he just was shot one gun, the artistic skill didn't really work properly then, this Huan star arrows be vivid like snake, long eyes, to him is a biggest of threat."Flashing, we once more connect a hand, this Huan star arrows only afraid only the fire dollar very then can break."The absolute being tree elder is also in most distressed, the in fine threads Lan Lyu of the whole body long gown, feel like beggar beggar.

    "This?"The flashing elder have a little hesitant, " fire dollar very pole consume true dollar, we didn't how much true the dollar provide it consume."

    "Flashing, you what all good, be have a little indecisive, don't dawdle, need not fire dollar very, difficult way everyone dead here!"Immediately after the absolute being tree elder say with the tone of order:"The handle knob stretch to come over!"

    "Good."The connect of hand and absolute being tree elder of flashing elder together.Shout, two people revolve."Fire dollar very!"The palm that the purple flame cover with is from two people combine place to roar and shout but, shout, that original do straight line dance in the wind of Huan star arrows suddenly distort get up, then a head of firm enter purple flame in, the voice of Zi Zi ring continuously, that multicolored Huan star the arrows be in succession turn by the Lian."Go to!"The purple flame imitate Fo a billowing river to flow to rush at a Huan star five Capes to leave a soul.

    "Zhi Zhi" the sum Cape with a center have the armor ant of purple gold spot the scream.Huan star five Capes leave a soul to fly soon Shan to move several bottom, a seven colourful lightses took to flow to come out and meet head on to meet with purple flame.Long Long, purple flame with seven colourful light take to touch together, bomb-, a voice of surprised day abruptly ring out, the hands of the absolute being tree elder and flashing elder combine place unexpectedly occurrence violent explosion, two people be fry there and then to fly, is also a flesh and blood on the hand misty.Huan star five Capes leaving the armor ant in the soul is also been blunt by the purple flame of a burst of flurried."Lin2 Nan2, that sum Cape have purple gold spot of is an ant king, quick, take advantage o ants flurried killed that ant king."Two elders are worried of say.

    The black light in Lin2 Nan2 Shou3 once more congeal, turn to do one gun form, "air wave!"Lin2 Nan2 shout at top of voice, the black light imitate Fo ripples general flow out a king toward the ant."Tu-" ant king the whole body golden light be one Shan and open mouth to vomit one gold color shell.Touch, the shell drop into black light inside.Crack crack, Lin2 Nan2 Dao3 fly five Zhangs, the Pa Ta dash to the ground, the blood Gu Gu but.Obscurely a purple light the ant in the thunder the king be a gold Cape at sneak attack.Bang, the dust be sudden rise, that ant king have never guard against, knot fructify solid got gold Cape is one shot, carry on the back A spilt open several sew and the blood fountain be similar to spray to flow out.

    "Xi Xi!"Gold Cape satisfiedly toward Lin2 Nan2 Yao2 wag tail."The ant king got hurt, a fair show!"The absolute being tree elder start to embrace the iron big cow, the flashing elder start to carry on the shoulder Lin2 Nan2 and plus the gold Cape tornado sort blunt past.Ant Wang2 Yi get hurt, many armor ant be respectively vacant to frighten into inaction, is a government, in confusion, Huan star five Capes left a soul immediately soil to collapse to break up.The voice of bang bang ring continuously and several people kill a blood road.

    "Ha ha, finally rushed out from the ant heap."The iron great cow crack inebriate ha ha cachinnation.

    "Can the armor ant make track for?"Lin2 Nan2 Wen4's way, after all from the way come to world blood to rob big true the dint go far, who know this time planted in the ant Wang2 Shou3 big heel head, if isn't a gold Cape sneak attack, four people which have an opportunity station here.

    "Ha ha, ant Wang2 Yi get hurt, the armor ant can have favour."The absolute being tree elder Le wear a beard tiny say with smile, just beard top blood stain spot spot, is big very scenery.

    "?"Lin2 Nan2 Tie3 big cow two people be very curious.

    "Ant Wang2 Yi get hurt, four greatest Cape Wei only afraid want Duo scepter, the armor ant necessarily have an internal rebellion, which attend to top we, ha ha."

    "Ha ha!Our right here of"the flashing elder also say with smile, " rest is a burst of to leave again."Definite this battle dozen extremely hard, in addition to gold Cape, two elder, the iron big cow, Lin2 Nan2 hanged colourful, true the dollar is already a building to the mountain empty, if again run into what monster, several people only have dead of.Adjusted to keep a burst of, the true dollar of several people be successive instauration to come over.

    ", If have a clothes much good."The iron big cow touched touch his clothes, " see, even the pants all peeped out to come."

    "Ha ha, this is too easy.Change kaleidoscopically Shu!"The flashing elder choked method Jue, read aloud a phrase in, the green light was one Shan, immediately many in the hand four dress Chinese fir."Give, one person's 1."

    "Ha ha."The iron big cow glance left and right after wear goodly" return true match a body, you how can anyone know An shape?"

    "Ha ha, petty skill."Flashing elder the full face be proud of.

    "I, I also want!"The gold Cape see four people put on new dress, extremely jealous.

    "Go to, go to, go to!What clothes does the lizard wear?"The iron big cow big hand a flick.

    Mo ground in the gold corner of"blare-" Suo arrive a part.See a full face of injustice of gold Cape, the flashing elder stretch hand on recruit, many in the hand crest red hat with small assortment, many in the hat hole, just right let that Cape pass."Give!"Flashing elder hat on throw, that hat set steadily at gold Cape head up."Xi Xi!"Gold Cape excitement get the tail keep shake, a jump a brook side, face water to shine on a shadow.

    "Hum!"Iron the big cow was layer after layer to hum a voice.

    "Leave!The journey return long."The absolute being tree elder dynasty several people shout a way, hence everyone have already continued to start on.This time gold Cape especially excitement, wear its that small red hat, a strength son blunt at most front.The iron big cow see always an at present small red hat flap about and imitate Fo to have a beetle in the heart is crawl along, Yang Yang of not very great.Sand sand, an ureate big current dynasty four people flowed out to come over."Copper carry scorpion on copper's back!"Two elder mouthfuls are bitter and astringent.Has been put together dead to tore to kill, four people finally get away from copper carry scorpion on copper's back and arrive at a soil before the mountain.Gu Gu, the innumerable snake drilled to come out from the soil."Ah!Drill a ground of snake, Huan absolute being island's return is really a hell on earth."The absolute being tree elder and flashing elder were quick to faint, just with copper carry scorpion on copper's back of blunt kill, two people was almost tired to crouch down, now again run into drilling a ground of snake, is really a desire to cry have no tears.

    Drilling a ground of snake and calling seven colourful snakes, giving bonus an orange Huang2 Lyu4 Qing is blue and purple seven colorses.Pleased live together, the Jing soil, breeze fasten magic trick, particularly be good at soil to escape a past to drill a ground of snake, copper scale armor, hardest deal with.

    "In fine threads!"The gold Cape called several voice, that drill of all over hills and countryside a ground of snake all frighten shrink together, which have half cent power and prestige can speech."Ha ha, my pouring to forget gold Cape is only a purple gold the Cape evil snake, only drill a ground of snake how dare to put power and prestige in the snake king's in front?"This pass, four people be unexpectedly surprised to have no nearly lead.Four people's one monster, rushed many monster again, among them someone noodles spider, seven star A Wang2 Chong2, eight Cape gold the Jing be strange

    "Shout!"The iron big cow tiredly keep pant and a bottom sit on the ground."The Ans were continuous to put together to kill in this ghost place not next 30, time the time be dangerous and matchless and exactly and when just arrive Huan absolute being spring?"

    "Ha ha, this be allege historic unique kill of quicksand wood, is spring for Huan absolute being of end a natural cover.Cross quicksand a wood to arrive Huan absolute being spring, we then Gao Zhen3 Wu2's sorrow."

    Is the end a?The public spirit is big to flap, just end a lead?

    "As long as take Huan absolute being water, those monster would auto hide, dared not an attack us any further, return of the journey be without obstruction.Ha ha."Two elder satisfied beard all raised.

    The voice of Zhi Zhi spread, huge get like the surprised thunder of horizon."What things, threatening force Ren be the ground huge?"Iron the big cow be panic can't speech, imitate Fo a the sparrow which once more frighten.

    "Do not be panic, don't be panic, this was last one pass and carry it through be a victory!"The absolute being tree elder favour stabilize public.

    Shua, cover with of the voice ring suddenly disappear, surroundings hush get such as dead general."What things, the absolute being mysterious Mi of."Iron the big cow is uneasily anxious and fretful the return Duo wear step son.

    "Do not be nasty, this before is storm of quite."

    "See.What is that ?"Flashing elder the sky.An aureate clouds is rapid to public not come over."Ha ha, finally came."The iron big cow doesn't fear to on the contrary cachinnation, although the reality be ruthlessness, knew worst, from do not know to change into reality, even if again ruthlessness, person total have way to deal with.

    ", Is a centipede!"Lin2 Nan2's sharp-eyed, detection that aureate clouds constitute to°from the centipede a while."A lot of have the centipede of wing!"Lin2 Nan2 facial expression Shua ground white, always the town be quiet of he, hand and foot a time shiver.Hour Hou he the day be fearlessly not afraid, afraid centipede, remember to go at a time the grass cluster catch a toad to feed small bird, the hand be swollen the leg of pork be thick and put on top that soil medicine that is very smelly and difficult to smell, humed Ji to hum Ji to lie on the bed two month just cook lead that rob, dozen this after, he fear to the centipede extremity, smell a Wu color change, even take a grass cluster also disgust get up.

    "Hum!Another has no Dan ghost and a few small centipede frighten into in that manner."The iron big cow layer after layer Duo descend feet.

    "A few centipede have what terrible of, do I usually catch centipede to take with wine with absolute being tree."The flashing elder walked to come over and the shoulder which clap Lin2 Nan2 comforted a way.

    Need the centipede fly to public in front, evenUggs Clearance     if the iron big cow of brave pack day also gape.That centipede unexpectedly carry on the back to living four wings, big like rooster, the golden light be flickering.

    "Gold, gold wings centipede?"The absolute being tree elder foot stumble, fall down in the ground a while, fall on one's back, turned over along while just stupid climb as the tortoise.

    Gold wings centipede?, All-powerful tree absolute being!The flashing elder kept to pretty and pretty fall flop to go to, vomit white Mo, the personnel don't come to."Feed, feed, feed!"Iron big cow quickly rush past, tap the forehead of flashing elder, want to wake him up, after all the flashing elder's real strenght be arrogant and put so of person how again ability waste?

    "The ripples of water flow!"The absolute being tree elder bawl at 1 and the flashing elder aroused to work properly a dozen Cold War on a the face that the flood spray in the flashing elder.

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Although don't know this so-called Long Teng world mercenary soldier regiment is which number mercenary soldier regiment, now that the emperor sub- his highness bottom reached an order, is a minister son of he can don't hestitate of carry out.With his identity of Royal spy, even if and not mercenary soldier, but want to sneak into a mercenary soldier general assembly nature not too difficult.

Can after getting into a big door of mercenary soldierCheap Ugg Boots  , inside the Ao orchid immediately made especially difficult.That dragon Teng world mercenary soldier regiment's pouring is what trifle of mercenary soldier regiment, how not famous at all, asked 78 mercenary soldiers son, didn't one is knowing.Boundless huge, more than 100,000 mercenary soldiers, how seek?Looking at that endless endless mercenary soldiers, inside Ao orchid especially immediately despair.

Isn't so bad sky of to have no unique person's road, different meeting, a youth man who claims to be a world mercenary soldier regiment the fourth chief of Long Teng, unexpectedly and the blue eagle mercenary soldier of new Jin five ranks was round and round long to beat to get up, and still easily matchless war but win it.This time, the inside Ao orchid especially finally understand why big emperor's sub- his highness be making him pay attention to these people.

A period of time after, inside Ao orchid especially heart in of shocked more and more, the mouth is also more long more big.It is six breezes of knight dragon to is the flame of the Long Teng world mercenary soldier regiment first, to the fifth captain of war gold mercenary soldier dragon's regiment, gold knight dragon especially orchid gram, and still war but win it!

Again then, that chief of theirs made a show of general the treatment magic trick such as the absolute being, unexpectedly a head of the on the brink of death Ultrasaurus be in a short instant curing of intact.Then they jump out again a however 56-year-old kid, claim to be Long Teng world mercenary soldier regiment the second chief.Having not waited he to smile is two, just on recruiting, the gold mercenary soldier dragon's regiment the second captain, fix for the foot have the rare superior whom five ranks greatly become the territory of highest point admire Na Si, give beat coke.After Lai boon western Si, the gold mercenary soldier dragon's regiment that is known for world the biggest captain, unexpectedly told the identity-Long Teng Shi of those strong unimaginable youth the superiors is strong!

What a guy, so that's why, no wonder that strong of such abnormal condition.The inside Ao orchid especially dark way in heart.The heart reads into this, the inside Ao orchid focuses vision especially at Long Bo Shen up, have to expect for several cents unclearly in the heart.The combat after indeed as expected didn't make him disappoint, Long Bo Tie's sword was horizontal empty, Long Jia's secret greatly kills everywhere.Only a record have already eliminated weak many sword cent mountain and stream the sword annoy and then force the two greatest A class mercenary soldiers are round and round long use expertise, just may may block bottom.But they that appearance however 34-year-old chief, a make moves is also surprised skill 4.Long Bo thus arrogant Long Jia's secret, unexpectedly gold iron hand over a call, besides which, there is then no any function.This fixs for, can be used deeply can not measure to describe.

No wonder that the strong head of Long Teng Shi this time isn't Long Bo but is the boy that calls Hong crack ice.Originally still thought that he was the senior that depended his that abnormal condition to just mix this position, saw now, this completely was since then that he fought for by real strenght!

After the ice of Hong crack walked, again with Lai boon west the Si exchange blows of Long Bo, unexpectedly made a show of to compare it just strong get many fighting strengths.By this time, the inside Ao orchid just suddenly understands to come over especially, originally just of Long Bo didn't°yetted moved top with all strength!

This is too terrible!Previous Long Bo already arrogant go to this, making a show of an all Long Bo of real strenght now that must have much strong.Indeed as expected, not and in a short while, Lai boon west the Si then have no to hang to read of be beaten a platform by Long Bo.

The mood that hasn't waited he to  don't already seethe recovers down, he then sees Long Teng world mercenary soldier regiment a group of persons to walk.He hurriedly keeps up with to go, but he also knows and ownly fix for although is arrogant,compare its those abnormal youthses to say, looked like to still differ a lot.So he also dares and far and far follows for, he believes with his conceal the effort of the breathing, there is also the professional character of many in the last yearses, have been Uggs Clearance   following not disheveled hair now should the problem isn't big.

Big emperor's son says the sufficient words of real strenght please back, their real strenght should is regarded as enough now.The inside Ao orchid especially dark way in heart.H'm, how exactly please back, this is a problem, thoroughly plan for a while.Otherwise, in case of be misunderstood me by these abnormal guys to there is malice temporarily and carelessly, words bomb to kill on the spot I, I cry all too late.

", Bright absolute being at up, I finally saw you, my good brothers!"A good to listen male voice from inside Ao orchid especially the body spread beside and talk return a held tight his arm.

"Friend, you mistook one for another."The inside Ao orchid especially head don't return as well of say.The inside Ao orchid especially since the childhood accepted a training in the imperial palace, all of his friends is with his a type of person, absolutely can't be the person that can fortune upon down the avenue.Which fear really because of task, and meet down the avenue, they also will set up for incognizance, a face coolly walks over there and beat away expression of eyeses all can't.

"Ha ha, brothers you joked, do I how can admit mistake you, you not the ability pack for owing my 1,000 gold coinses incognizant I."That person still deathless heart, continue to chatter without stopping of say.

"All say that you mistook one for another."Being entwined is so long, the inside Ao orchid also had a little to anger especially.The wrist is one earthquake, one is weak of the Dou annoy to break out from the elbow that he is held tight by that person.Although this strength isn't big, can ordinary people if get up, painful up and for a while that is affirmative.

The being regarded as taught at 1:00 to the guy that doesn't grow an eye.The inside Ao orchid especially dark way in heart.

"Is alas, brothers, greatly not I not want you return money."Talk and did at this time a facial expression for deploring greatly.Can his the right hand that should be shaken to open, but still absolutely still, imitate a Buddha what feel all and have no generally.

This for a while, even if is the inside Ao orchid especially and is an idiocies to all respond to come over not to.Suddenly turn head, the inside Ao orchid is especially held tight of left arm suddenly on shaking, four rank Dou spirit no longer cover up, suddenly explosion but.He believes that with his fix for, this recruits under which afraid is five ranks the rare superior all can not definitely be calm to connect bottom.

"Oh ah, why the need for?"While speaking, once that youth right hand turn, one silk extremely hidden blue breathing one Shan but die.Descend a moment, the inside Ao orchid especially that is robust such as the left arm of leg and suddenly be like noodles generally, soft softly hanged down, don't live of have muscular spasms.

Superior!For an instant, the inside Ao orchid especially in brain rest this mind.The pain that is strong to endure left arm to the bone the acute pain of Sui, the inside Ao orchid particular absolute being hopes to go, the taste goes into eyes and in, a green dress floats, the handsome Yi uncommon youth man is justing looking at him with a kind of vision for pondering.

Is exactly a breeze roar sky!

Immediately, inside Ao orchid especially heart such as dead ash, living not rise a silk resist of viewpoint, follow a breeze roar like this for sky to walk to us.

Resist?Don't be kidding.Is at present this but connect five rank rare superior virtuous Si Ao Tuo all drive Nue wear play lord son, with he that is like the demon's skill, he how can escape drop.Is much less, the breeze whistles a sky to since appear at here, necessarily is named by other people.Is at the thought of here, the inside Ao orchid immediately presents a those terrible and matchless figures in the brain especially.

And they do those monsters beat?E ……still calculated, does this still really rather save some energy to cry "help!".


Beg recommendation, beg to collect, beg an evaluation!This book needs your support!

Chapter 73 Dou absolute being two emperor son

"Oh ah ……this you, how call?"What I smiled happily says, a pair of eyes fans remained 1 to sew and lived to take off a dangerous person.

"BE descending ……in the Ao orchid is especially."Is strong to endure the acute pain of left arm, the inside Ao orchid unwillingly extrudes a smiling face especially and says to me.See him now this vice- the forehead cold sweat keep emitting, the corner of mouth doesn't live to shiver of appearance, I immediately feel breeze roar for sky do of once have a little.

I upsetly saw a breeze roar one eye for sky, dark way in heart, small kind, what circumstances didn't make sure, descend a black hand.In case of this guy after death of the guy is a station at our somebody here, that wasn't flood to hurtle Long Wang Miao, one family incognizant one family.

Become overdo, I peep out a moderate smiling face possibly, mean amity, don't know why the inside Ao orchid especially the cold sweat on the face but more emit more many.

"Do not know in the Ao orchid especially you, why since then?"What I smiled happily says.

Hear I inquire, inside Ao orchid especially hurriedly way:"At under is the Dou absolute being empire Royal imperial guard all all,   Ugg Salereceive an of big emperor's son, come to ask little Xia of everybody to left for one Xu."

", Is an all all adult, Be getting more polite."Say I clap clap the inside Ao orchid especially of shoulder, one face Lao Tze see of rise you, just clap the facial expression of your shoulder.

The inside Ao orchid especially immediately body fiercely one Zhan Li, keep absorbing air conditioner, if a the cold sweat Cen of the soybean size the Cen fall in, the facial expression is suddenly very white.

Starting me is still not clear so, but soon I then understood to come over from the inside the Ao orchid especially the You the hatred of the vision.

", Sorry, sorry."My ashamed Shan says with smile:"I really ain't the arm that intentionally makes you break up clap, I take an oath by my name in brothers breeze roar sky.H'm, for meaning I to the amity of you and big emperor's son, I to order to physically mean."

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Led the recreation of a short while snow whole body dragon's famous brand to pack to walk out.He isn't understand why be him to give° three pieces of of his banknoteses him, he happily and soon flew.Don't understand, calculated not and think anyway I didn't also suffer a los, ha ha~~~(author:What don't suffer a los, I let your body up have 300 dollars is to let you to I of, you know 1 piece is how much do you know?Quite a few 10,000,000,000, Xin, a Chinese family name the pain bitterness made you take 3 to wait 3000, I want to kill you, don't run.Ah~~~~~Snow dragon:I don't know again, you don't make a mess of, -fly Shu!Author:You have classification to fly and feed and comeUggs On Sale  down-you wait to see)

Snow dragon is leisurely and carefreely walked road up, see is nearby speeding of car.Boon?Why does the car have no wheel?Is strange I did exercises in gymnastics to do for a long time(be not was too long for a long time) no wonder that I will even walk all don't go.Ha ha.-What things?Be up to?I can't at dream.Can't that how can has and is up to similar robot, I exactly did how long.Calculated not and think anyway and not and very of the most more than 50 years.(Is very bright, is still a brain little root Jin)"ah, very painful, you didn't grow eyes, walk not to see a front.Seek dead?"A young girl is from the ground stood up to clap to clap body up of clothes, simultaneously scold a way.Snow dragon was scolded by her to just know that she hit a somebody else at this time.When he sees the girlish side permit is lose a voice call to:"Snow benefit?"

That young girl hears someone call she snow benefit feel puzzling and be she sees bump her person is that she Be getting more foolish, this what kind of the noodles permit, silvery eyes, the long hair, and hair of shawl is to think a similar color of crystal, than the even white skin of female kid.Lead well long for a while just wake up.Answer way:"The Sir thinks that you mistook one for another, I was Li Xue, didn't call snow benefit."

Snow dragon is also foolish to foolishly looking at her until she says"the Sir think that you mistook one for another, I am Li Xue, don't call snow benefit."Just return to absolute being, wish to still really have in the world is long of how be like of person, but mouth top say:", Sorry, that pleases ask now is several years, I seemed to can not recall, ha ha" finishes saying to return to gentle and soft smile.

Li Xue can be lived for fan by this smile and dejectedly say:"It is 5020.You handsomely,-I say what pull"

"?5020 can't chase, did I do for more than 3000 years?That snow benefit was she to early die?The calculating me will find out hers.To Ms. Li Xue call Li Xue Long this is my younger sister's photograph, you see is are like very much with you?"The saying and then tooking out her younger sister's photograph lets Li Xue sees.

Li Xue once connects photograph a see return is really similar to her, absolutely is a person.The date that still has this photograph is July, 2009 this is what is the row."That snow Mr. Long, you this photograph can give I, do you want to do good everything?"

Snow dragon grasped to grasp a head to say with smile:"Is all right, however can seek a place for me to live.I had no a place to go now.Can?"

Li Xue happily says:"Good, I seek a house for you, however want several weathers.Want to be not you to go to my house first to live." So snow dragon followed her to return to his new house.(Hey Hey Li Xue and snow dragon what relate to me to think that everyone just arrived.Yes she is snow younger sister Long's descendant.)

Chapter 3-~want to go to school~

Li Xue's house is really big, have there is still swimming pool in garden.Absolutely is super five-star, live is really good here.

"Snow dragon, you stare blankly stem over there what?Still come in not and quickly."Li Xue sees snow dragon at stunned call way.

"?, Sorry, I am a so luxurious first sight house, so-ha ha.Is your house very rich?Don't see out."Snow Long Sha silly says.He how also surprisingly Li Xue his father was the richest in the world.

Li Xue says with smile:"BE?It is not very rich either.To also is good friends with for my photograph for you several 1,000,000!So I will help you to find out the place living.And I still need to help you to seek your younger sister."

Snow dragon happily says:"Good, however you can make ID card for me.My dropped.Can?Is another of what did the matter say again while waiting to make ID card?"

Li Xue pulls snow Long Zou to simultaneously say:"It is all right.To go first to see my old daddy, old mama goes.Walk"say to have fun and then pull by force snow dragon to go.Before arriving a door stop, spread two people's dialogue in door at this time.

A voice says:"Li Zong, I saw you selling to me to 51% of shares of your company good.If you don't sell you ready to a bankruptcy to chase.Or you marry your daughter my Ugg Boots Sale  son's words I invest you several 10,000,000,000, how?"

Lee always determinedly says:"You don't dream.I can't sell to the share of company yours.Can't even change this with my daughter's happiness several 10,000,000,000 of.Please go out, I don't want to see you again."

"Like, like that very much you ready to the bankruptcy chase.We wait to see, I will make you die very miserably.Ha ha-"that voice say.Finished saying and then turned round to walk to go out.Open a door to at the right moment see snow dragon them at the door.Have already humed 1 to walk.When Li Xue walked to his father after death, Lee was always joyless to say:"Did not I say to make you walk?You how, is Li Xue is my still thinking that bastard?To this is who, quite good my daughter has taste.The young man calls what name?"

What Li Xue blushed says:"Daddy, you don't talk nonsense, he is the friend whom I just handed over.To just I heard uncle Wang said what your company be going bankrupt.BE what happened?"

Lee always sighed to at a stretch say:"The confidential document of my company is stolen, that is our software of new species.The software that develops in same times Wang Hua his company and we the technique in the confidential document.I have no enough of fluxion funds to develop a new product.So have just of an act."

Xue Long knew that the inside story considered behind that a short while says:"Uncle, you want how much flow funds?If isn't a lot of the top favour that I think that I can help."Simultaneously say part at own back coagulate into a precious stone with the dint of divine creation.

Lee always shockedly says:"800,000,000, do you have?If the words had no, even if."

Snow dragon smiled to smile to say:"Is this sufficient?If not enough words I still have.Is two enough?Is three?"The side says to take out three rim of bowl all of the precious stones in that the side is from the clothes.

Long Xiang whom Lee is always foolish to foolishly looking at snow performs magic similar of which three precious stones, shiver of take precious stone concussion's saying:"Enough, two enough.To you have what request, I definitely satisfy yours, do you say a pair of?"

But the oddness in Li Xue Xin he where take out, the etc. must thoroughly ask.The words that dare to fool me you will be very miserably of.Ha ha!

Snow dragon doesn't know how of the in the mind is drizzle, is what, should the nobody know that I have a precious stone.When he sees Li Xue of just think of, her know of, have been already finished finishing.To I say that I have a paranormal power not to go.Ha ha ha!I am really a genius.Think says with smile after:"Uncle, I as long as you help me lane ID card piece went.I am Li Xue Long, 20 years old, finish senior high school.Address you for me write 1 Be getting better."The affair makes the uncle literally seek a work after finishing giving an account good.However Lee always received him his daughter's study in the school.(Hereafter definitely return very interesting.)Snow dragon lies on his bed to think own career.This is a cerebellum bag from the door in stretched to come in, this person in addition to is Li Xue also be who.Wanted to ask yesterday of but be been a by him, I wased ill and then made him escaped in the past, however now can't.

Xue Long knows to come of or want come of, so say:"Like, I tell you I why will have a precious stone, because of I meeting paranormal power of.You see!"Is afraid that she doesn't believe so test on the spot.A precious stone is in the hand of snow dragon slowly from the sesame size arrive rim of bowl size.This act lived Li Xue Jing, however was very quick and then smiled this to say:"Snow dragon you can be really severe.To, my daddy has already completed your ID card.Still have is the school that he arrives me for you to register, you the day after tomorrow press to go to school.My daddy still says that you are to study that time to wait now, what don't go must also go.Otherwise, Hey Hey"

Snow dragon just knows now that what Satanic smiling face is.He embarrassedly says:"Uncle to my good intentions, I had to to go to.However you don't want to smile of so crafty good?It is full to frighten a person.Ha ha, jocose of-kill people!Help!" This snow dragon enjoyed in Li Xue's home for two days will up"execution yard".Father who still has Li Xue got through difficult situation under the help of snow dragon.Our leading roles want to go to school, at how can occurrence what?Next chapter you knew.Many thanks to everyone's support, I will continue diligent.

Chapter 4-~dispute in the school~

On Monday, snow dragon drive Li Xue's this wench is used water to call to come to.Saying of snow dragon complaint:"My spoilt daughter of a rich family, you hereafter make me get up can need not cold water, can not even use hot water, also in fine doesn't need not Wen Shui go any water at all.Can still having you go out first for a while?I don't want to change clothes in front of you!"

Drive snow dragon how on saying, she just thinks of him to still need to change clothes.Was red face to run to go out to still throw down 1:I ignored you, to I is at the same class of.The voice is more and more far.

Arrived a snow dragon in school to be dressed in white western dress to walk into door in the school, why does on bed terms Li Xue walk into together?He doesn't want to make the other people misunderstand.Walk to go to school to discuss for someone.The contents is:Female", handsome boy.Handsomely.He is which class of, have boyfriend?"Of the words of type.Male of"come to again small white face, see to our hard up Luos.Want to ruin his to permit?"Of the words of type.

Snow Long Li also ignores of walk, went to president's office to knock to knock on door."Just came in" to spread an old man's voice in door.Snow Long Zou takes out after going in uncle Li to say for him for his letter of recommendation:"President how are you, this of my letter of introduction.Please look over."

The old man once connected letter to open to see to say for a while:"Li Xue Long, Li Xue's cousin.Boon like, you go to the third floor of big 2 classes(a).Is small and blue you take him past!Like was free you to go out!"Finish saying and then be own matter.But that makes the small and blue and original is that the tender heart is blue, what the form master of snow dragon teaches them class language.

Everyone is discussing in the classroom the handsome boy's business of silver grey hair seen in today's campus.Li Xue is so badly also thinking snow dragon, however has no them just.Chen Dan is Li Xue's good friend, she pushed to push Li Xue to say with smile:"Light snow is BE not thinking which male of?Say quickly;Is frank Cheap Ugg Boots  from the breadth, resist from strict.Resist stubbornly throughout, a dead end."Li Xue after being pushed come to after listenning to her words are red face to say:"What, I am thinking today will a transfer arrive our class.Doing not know is long of how.(Author:Aren't you knowing?The large talk doesn't beat preliminary draft.Li Xue:Want you to take care of, you brag dozen preliminary draft of?Slice~)do you know?"

Chen Dan wanted to mean to say:"Do not know, to do you have to see a handsome boy of silvery hair today?Probably is him?Boon?You didn't see, the ah is really regrettable.You don't know he is long of have much handsome!I loved to die him.To you don't want to rob with me, I can rob however you this campus queen.Good?"

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Good boy!"Feel Chen Feng the strength spirit in the palm, the old K cans not help tiny take out a pain.

Chen Feng closes on the heels of a palm to knead into an empty hammer, on recording to sweep, hammer to old K.

Attack of continuing!Direction of wind Chen at this time ate stimulant general, deathless endlessly!

Pound a strength fierce can not block, Chen Feng this pounds and equally breaks out, bomb from the big gun and bomb a Long explosion just like iron ball.

The Zhang noodles is blunt sky of but rises, is facing ascend Chen Feng soar to theUgg Boots Uk    skies the fist of shot.

Once 2 people hand over, old K whole body in a flash, dig on the ground, the step connects to step, one breath not Xie, two hands raise, the storm generally pushes Zhang.

Is two inside the strength, offset mutually, but is that Chen Feng is some exhausting, old K as early as ten several year agoses have already got into to annoy to break of territory, although have never broken, inside dint but is the least bit don't let a person.

Chen Feng's eyes a bright, meet with opponent!

The old K is this set of to connect cloud Zhang strength, complete in one breath, Zhang breeze repeatedly, palm than the fist still want relentless.

2 people so you come I go toward, Chen Feng lend the cheapness of Dou spirit, and the momentary unexpectedly put together to make odds even with old K.

As the proverb says, Zhang breeze such as electricity, at present a Zhang of the old K noodles attack, also had unclearly such of Wei power.

While seeming at the beginning spend the first-time sneak attack of old man Chen Feng estimate used don't arrive 40% of capability!

Chen Feng faces offensive like this, the body carries a strength, suddenly one Shan, inwardly made use of afloat Shu, unexpectedly behind Lue 89 meters, arrived street part, another violent wind, electricity shoot to come over, two hands become boxing, with the Shan rush toward blunt Teng of power, next next and old the K Zhang noodles collide together.

The frightened combat closes a dragon to secretly take out a portable cellular phone and hides to secretly take after a tree.

2 people arouse to fight positive Han, Chen Feng gradually feels a little bit lack the ability to do of felling, and use last mentality, so as to may may keep up with the action of old K.

Not the Kui is old river's lake, experience be ratio Chen Feng this just way soon of the immature person was much abundant.

"Hum.Pick me up this to recruit!"Old K corner of mouth flash across one silk malicious Li, the right Zhang becomes to grasp, inside the dark luck strength.

Chapter 144 unimaginable backstroke

"Hum.Pick me up this to recruit!"Old K corner of mouth flash across one silk malicious Li, the right Zhang becomes to grasp, inside the dark luck strength.

The meat Zhang surface of old K starts to be suffused with together blurred true spirit, the Zha has a liking for go to not even, cautiously see go, unexpectedly is a the spirit really break body coagulation but become of small nail, the furious wind starts to deep-fry and flicks every time and all sends out the voice of bombing the Long Long roll of thunder sort, not difficult imagination, so of nail Zhang if clap on the body, will have Ugg Salehow of result.

"Thousand nail Zhang!"Old K from Wu of a recruit a near body to fight technique.If is recruited by this to beat in, bear of not only only is that strong Zhang dint, but also have the huge injury that the true spirit breaks a body to bring.

The Chen Feng Yi doesn't be careful, have never hidden old K of on recruiting a side body to hang up a hand, see to right against the face fly to come over of nail Zhang to toward a noodles door to roar and shout since then, have to crustily skin of head handle knob elbow to protect before body.

The "Si …" a burst of acute pain spreads, Chen Feng Zhi feels own elbow moment skin is torn and flesh gapes open, definitely wound get not light!

"I depend."The Zhang dint that asks for help of the other party to spread to come over lends dint to make an effort, Chen Feng Qiang endures acute pain and connect descend lightly order, draw back both parties' distance.

At this time Chen Feng's two elbows are already that the flesh and blood is misty under, if isn't Chen Feng to urgently win to living Zhi and estimate that the whole arms will discard.

"Recklessly and blindly do boy, this is small to know severe."Although the old K doesn't show the real strenght of the young man of sun to this full is shocked, the at the thought of other party touched the benefits of pass house, more probably become the enemy of pass house in the days to come, also not in reserve, using kill to recruit.

"I grass(is harmonious) mire horse, the true TM is painful!"Chen Feng secretly curses and scolds and hurriedly takes off a coat, with the condition of the injury of check elbow department, one is that the one flesh and blood is misty.

Tooking a look the opposite has never offended to come over of old K, the other party eyes what inside flicker is the smile that is thick to heavily kill an idea and intend to obtain, obviously think he already eat settle Chen Feng.

Fight experience of extreme indigence, and underestimate enemy, cause Chen Feng is late from birth first-time suffering.

But get hurt of Chen Feng's but again rejoice unclearly, this to him, ever isn't a forging again, don't say permafrost self-discipline field first, only take a star to show off mainland to say, regardless is a master and warrior, as well or the person of other occupations, like to be everyone admiration of strong, want to get the other people's acknowledgement, have to experience the forging that the innumerable livings life and death dead, unknown fierce evil monster, block up at the enemy of dark place, the star Yao mainland is everywhere all was full of blood rain Xing breeze, but each strong of place of honor, will step corpse before go.

The old K has never multiplied by to win to make track for shot, in his eyes, Chen Feng is already him the meat of the case plank, although is unexpectedly like to this young young man this of the war capability feel surprised, can once involving the problem of coming home the clan benefits, the whole will become different.

In there is self-contradict person in the pass house, have to annihilate in time, once this boy growth get up, once this boy became the enemy of pass house, the result is so terrible we dares not thinks about it.

The look in the eyes of old K flicker not certain, be like relaxed a vigilance, can secretly but just consider how to can fight down the boy that doesn't know immensity of the universe more effectively, several years of river lake experience makes him terrible, Uggs On Sale completely inexperienced in society Chen Feng, some affairs can hardly anticipate.

Chen Feng throws away the coat of being stained with the full blood stains, top in addition to black puckery blood stain, also 2 people fight to leave of dirty vestige, really doubt whether this old K has never washed hands, how covers up so to discard.

Chen Feng doesn't dare to give greatly and right away used for oneself to cure sorcery, two ray of lights of ivories one Shan namely die, Chen Feng gets hurt of elbow just at with the speed canning see without the aid of instruments heals, those are stired ground flesh by the true spirit to quickly fallen off, replace of is a fast- spreading new-born cell.

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